Configure the Reviews Functionality

Create reviews to give feedback and measure performance.

📍 Find Reviews  under the name of Performance in your menu.

→If you haven´t installed it previously, head to Apps>Install Reviews

Start by Creating a Performance Review 

  1. Name: Annual Performance Review 
  2. Select Reviewees: The employees who will be reviewed, choose between: 
    *Dynamic Groups 
    *Manual Selection 
  3. Select Reviewers: The revieweers you would like to include.
  4. Press on Submit 

Follow Up by Completing the Performance Review Draft:

  1. Configurations
  2. Questions 
  3. Participants 
  4. Set Up and Start the Review 

  5. Notifications

Menu - PM Draft

Configurations settings (1)

  • You can Edit the Name of the Performance Review
  • You can Add a Description 
  • You can Activate Anonymous Answers 
  • You can Hide Results from Reviewees

Basic Info - Performance


  • Add and Remove Supervisors 
    Add supervisors

Questions tasks_management

Add the questions that the participants will answer:

  • Click on Add question 
  • Write your question 
  • Press on Add your question 

Add question

Group questions:

💡 By grouping  questions, you can subsequently obtain a report. For example, you want to make a performance evaluation specifically for the sales team. In this evaluation you will add a section of questions concerning learning ability. When the sales employees have completed the evaluation, you will get a report based on the learning ability answers. This is how you will be able to measure and compare the learning performance of your sales employees.

  • Press in + add section
  • Introduce a title (i.e. Learning Capacity) (6)

  • Add questions by pressing in the (+) 
  • Rename or remove the section/question group by pressing in (...) 

Learning capacity

  • To archive, view or order the questions within the section, follow the instructions shown in the gif below. (7)


Participants support

In here you´ll see the List of the employees, filter by preferences. 

Participants 2.

Ready? Set Up and Start the Review  

  • Add Periodicity - (Mandatory)
  • Choose one Start date - (Mandatory)
  • Choose one End date - (Optional)

Start review

What About The Reviews? 

Once the Performance Review has been published, two other options will be at your disposal ↓

  • Reviews common-file-text-upload

    All the reviews will be shown here as well their states.
    (Reviewee´s will be able to see their answers starting on the end date).

  • Write Reviews tasks_management

Find the history of the Reviews in which you participate as Reviewer. 

Revies history

Did you know that 💡: You can Duplicate Performances Reviews

  • Pres on the (...)
  • Select Duplicate

Duplicate 1


  • Once launched, the employees will receive an email and a pending task notification on their Dashboard. 
  • Employees will receive an email 2 days prior to the close of the review.

🔺 We continue to work on Reviews, so you may notice some changes. If you don't find the answer in this article, please contact the Support team.