Install and Set Up Performance Management

Run impactful performance reviews that are easy to set up and complete. What are you waiting for? Install it Now

How to Install Performance Management?

  • Head to Apps 
  • Select Performance Management
  • Click on Install App 

Install Performance Management

Create a Performance Review 

  • Click on (+ Add review batch) 

Add review bath

  • Configure the performance draft by completing the information required 
    Performance Review Name 
    ⇒  Select the Subject 

    Completing PR
    Select Reviewer 

    Competing PR.1

Let's continue by editing the performance review that was just created 

Details and Form

              • What can you Find in: REVIEW DETAILS 

  • All the basic information of the performance review batch.
  • Start up the Review - (Once all the information has been completed). 
  • You can: Add more Subjects and Reviewers 
    ⇒ Click on + Add review
    ⇒  Select the Subject and Reviewer 
    ⇒  Confirm 

    Add reviewer
              • What can you Find in: REVIEW FORM 

  • Questions for Subject & Questions for Reviewer
    Add a question 
    ⇒ Select the Field Type you prefer 

    add question

💡 All the questions you create will be saved so that you can use them in other evaluations. Also, you will be able to activate or deactivate them as many times as you want. 

-Check out how to do it with the screenshot below  👇-

Turn on-off saved questions

Once the Review Batch is Completed, Start the Review 

🔺 You cannot edit the Closing Date once confirmed, so make sure to introduce it correctly.

Start the review

Notification 🔔: When the review is activated, the administrator will receive a notification informing him/her that he/she has successfully created the review and can track the progress. The subject and reviewer will receive another one informing them that they have to add their answers.

Finally, How can I Duplicate Evaluations?

  • Select the (...) - 📍 located in the right corner 
  • Choose Duplicate 
  • Select the Subject and Reviewer

Duplicate- Ev