How to Enable JobTarget?

Learn through this article how to enable jobtarget so that you can start posting your company's job offers.

💰 JobTarget is available to all Factorial customers who pay for the Recruitment add-on, both ATS Basic and ATS Pro, regardless of their subscription plan.

How to Access and Start Using JobTarget? 

  • Go to the Recruitment feature 
  • Select the job offer you want to promote or create a new one.

💡 The role and workplace entered will affect the job offer title and location. 


If the job is a Remote position, you will click “Remote working”. This will add "Remote" to the job title when it is posted on JobTarget and will ensure that our job board partners publish the offer as a remote position. 

→ The contract type, schedule type and annual salary type should also be selected by the user. Factorial will send JobTarget the Schedule type (Full-time or Part-time) and the salary entered (either a range or fixed amount): 

🚩Please Note - If no salary is entered, the job will be posted to the job board selected if “salary” is not a required field. If it is required, then you will have to input a salary for being able to publish the offer on the selected job board.

    • Head to the Promotion tab.
    • Press in the Promote button under JobTarget's logo.
    •  Select the job boards to send your offer and add them to the cart.
    •  Enter the job offer information required by the job boards.

→ In order for JobTarget ads to reach the job boards successfully, it is necessary to provide a city, state, zip code and country.

🚩 Please, update any existing workplaces in Factorial with: city, state and zip code information before doing the post on JobTarget.

  • Review the order and process your payment.

How to Understand JobTarget After a Job Offer has been sent? 

  • Select the job boards where you would like to post the offers. 

 → The first fee listed is the fee passed directly to the job board.
 → The Delivery Fee is the fee JobTarget charges to maintain our suite of job board integrations.

🗣 Job boards will populate on the partners experience based on factors such as: location, job title and industry.
🚩 Know that you do not need to have an inventory or an account on any job board listed in your Marketplace to be able to post the offers.

  • Add the desired job boards to the cart and JobTarget will take care of the rest.
    👀 If you do not find the job board of your interest, you can use instead the site search function to get suggestions based on location, job title or industry.
    Check the image below ↓ 
  • Perform the check out by pressing Next Step. 


💬 If you have questions about JobTarget, know that you can press in the blue chat button to contact JobTarget support. 

📩 JobTarget Support

  • Complete the required information so that the job offers can be sent successfully. 
  • Press in Next Step – Review Order. In here, you will be able to review the fees associated with your order.
  •  Add a credit card to checkout and optionally save it for later use. 

💡 Once the order has been successfully completed, you will receive an order number and order confirmation email

How to Check your Published Job Offers on JobTarget? 

  • Within Factorial, head to the Job Offer  
  • Open Job Target by pressing the promote button 
  • Click on the Already Advertised On dropdown. 

💡 Here, you’ll see the status of any ordered postings, including whether or not they have been delivered to the job board. 



 → To view the clicks and applications your postings are receiving, open the waffle menu and click on Reports. You will also find performance metrics of your various job postings in here. 
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How to Edit your Published Job Offers on JobTarget? 

→ Edits made on a job offer that is already promoted through JobTarget, will get synced automatically to JobTarget.

🚩 These include any edits to the information on the Job Details tab on Factorial that are synced to JobTarget.

  • Once changes have been saved, press in Submit and it will be automatically sent to JobTarget. 

🗣 Updates to any active postings will be reflected on those job boards within 24 hours. 

How to Remove Postings? 

To stop promoting a job offer or all of them at once:

  • Enter to JobTarget through the Promotion tab
  • Select the STOP ALL button 

🚩 The STOP ALL button on the Marketplace will force all active postings to stop. 


How to Repost Job Offers?

→The REPOST ALL button on the Marketplace will initiate an order with all currently expired postings.

→ The REPOST button will initiate an order with only that posting.

🚩 Both options will take the user to the checkout screen to complete the transaction 

👱🏾‍♀️ Job Target FAQ's