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How to Download the Payroll Data?

Download your data adapted to your payroll software format. Select the start and end date of the payroll cycle and the legal entity you want to export the data from.

Where can I find the option to Download Payroll Data?

  • Within the Payroll App, head to supplements
  • Find Download Payroll Data in the upper right part 


📢 All exports will be stored in the Payroll Export Folder that Factorial provides by default when installing the Payroll App. If the company has more than 50 employees, the payroll data will be sent via email and will also be stored in the Payroll Export Folder. 

What do I need to know before downloading the Payroll Data?

You will need to complete the following fields before you can download the payrolla data. These are:

  • Legal Entity 
    Select the legal entity of your interest
  • Payroll export format:
    ⇒ Basic format (works for every country)
    ⇒ Extended format (more specific for France)
    ⇒ Absence delta (Absences report from a period of time)
  • Updates to be included: Export all updates or only those for a certain period. This way, you can let the bookkeeper know that there have been some changes. 
  • Start and end date
    Period from which you want to obtain the information
    Can only be selected when you choose Updates to be include > Only updates in a certain period.
  • Finally, press in Download

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 2.49.51 PM

📨 Once you click on download, you will receive the report attached to your email ⇓

What will I find in the Payroll Data Document?

All contract and payroll information corresponding to the period you selected. 

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