How to Create and Configure your Goals

Learn how to create, manage and assign goals for your employees. Also gain in-depth knowledge of the permissions you can enable for goals.

Install Goals 

  • Head to the App Section
  • Install Goals 
  • 📍 Find goals in the Performance section.

Create Goals

💡 Employees can also create goals. But first, you must activate the goals permits from the permissions section. 

Goals > Permissions:
• See employee goal
• Create goals

•  📍In performance, within Goals: Press in +Add goal (1)

Goal Name: Add 10 New french-speaking team members
Goal Description: Recruit 10 French-speaking team members to grow the market.
Start Date: 01/01/2020
Due Date: 01/12/2020
How will you measure the progress? Numeric or not measuring progress. 

3.  Configure your Goal 

🔺 Once the goal is activated, the type of progress cannot be edited.

⇒ Press in the (...) to edit or delete your goal

⇒ Press in close goals to mark the goal as finished. Note that whenever you close goals you will have the opportunity to restart it by pressing  on the same button.

Add employees:  As long as the goal is active, you can add as many employees as you need.

⇒ How to discard an employee?: Press the (...) and click on unassign employee

4. Can employees make changes to their goal values and progress? 

💡 By default, the platform will only allow employees to edit their: current value and progress. But they will not be able to edit the target goal. If the admin wishes it, he/she can enable these permissions from Company>Permissions>Goals.  

  • 📍 Admins can edit the goals, values and progress from Performance > Goals

  • 📍 Employees can edit current value and progress from My Goals

5. -My Goals- From the employee's point of view

As an employee, I will have a My Goals Section. From My Goals, I will see all the goals I am assigned and I will be able to update their progress. 

💡 In case my administrator has given me the permissions to manage goals: To view, create and edit these goals. I will have to manage them from the Performance > Goals Section, which will be activated once the permissions are granted. 

6. Goals notifications flow

📧Each time a goal is assigned.
📧Every time there is an update a notification will be sent to the assigned person and his/her manager.
📧 A reminder 3 days before the due date of the goal.