Report Library

Add a report from our library to your dashboard or edit it.

Where can I Find Report Library? 

  • Go to Reports
  • Report Library 

    Reports Library

Reports library

Our report library has Premade Templates that you can add to any dashboard. These templates include Time-Off, Employee Count, Time & Attendance, etc.

For example, if the CEO needs a Dashboard to understand Head Count Over the months, it can be done like this: 

Reports Library 
Select the Report of interest
Click the "+"
Choose a Dashboard


If the Premade Template does not adjust to your CEO's needs, it can be edited. For example, if you want to see the Head Count by Year, instead of month, do this: 

Go to Report Library 
Click on Settings ⚙
Press Edit Report
Make the changes
Save to Dashboard - 📍 Located in the upper right corner

Ceo- Edit Report