How to Change the Date Format in Factorial

In this article, you will be introduced to the different types of date formatting that you can use respective of the country your company based.

How can I select the correct Date and Number format for my personal account?

  • Go to the bottom of the menu, where your name appears and click on My Settings
  • Head to the Personal Settings  section 
  • Find the Date and Number Format 

🌎Factorial provides you with over 10 different types of date formats. By selecting your date format by convenience and practicalities, your visualization within the platform concerning dates and numbers will be adjusted according to the date format you have selecting in the Settings tab. 

The countries that are presented vary from North America, Oceania, Europe, South America and the Middle East. 

⚠️ The language that you select to manage the company will influence the options of date format of countries that you will be exposed to. 

✴️ Per example : If you select Spanish as your main language,  by default Factorial will provide you with date formats of Spanish speaking countries such as Colombia or Argentina.  

What if the country where my company is based is not provided as an option?

You would have two options :

  1. You select the date format purely from preference. 
    1. Your company is based in Italy but as an Administrator, the US date format has always made for sense to you. Therefore, you could chose the US date format purely from preference. 
  2. You select the date format from relevance & practicalities. 
    1. Your company is based in Spain. Factorial will provide with an ES date format, only if you select Spanish as your main language. However, if you need to main EN as a language but your company is based in Spain, it is simply recommended to select the date format that will be more relevant to the country where your company is based in. Therefore, the safest choice in this situation would be to select Ireland (IL) because it's a country in Europe and will apply the same rules as Spain.

➡️ Once you will have selected the desired date format for your personal account in your settings, all dates and number formats will be adjusted within your account based on your choice.