How do I set up my Face Recognition?

Learn how to set up and configure the face recognition tool as a way to clock in and clock out.

🔺 Data protection with Face Recognition: Remember that while using this functionality, you have the duty to comply with all the applicable data protection rules and provisions to which you are subject in the specific context of your use. Depending on the definitions given by the applicable law, this functionality (employing facial recognition technology) might entail the processing of employees’ biometric data and trigger duties for you such as: e.g. being able to demonstrate that the use you make of it is necessary and proportionate and that it does not interfere with the rights of the data subjects, etc.

How do I set up Face Recognition?

  1. Head to Me
  2. Click on Profile 
  3. Scroll down until you find Face Recognition settings
  4. Click on Upload Picture 

☝🏽 Make sure you select a picture with 640 x 480 px minimum) in .jpg or .png format.

By clicking on (...) you have two of the following options : 

⚠️ By default, configuration for permissions will be set in such a way that you may not edit your picture. Only if an administrator or manager gives you a permission, you will be able to do so. 

  1. Download the picture 
  2. Delete the picture

How do I have an ID number ?

💡The ID number will be a code that the system remembers in case the facial recognition fails. 

The ID number simply refers to the identification number you used in your profile (Passeport, DNI and NIE). 

  1. Head to Me
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Scroll down until you see Identification Number
  4. Choose Identity document 
  5. Insert ID number

➡️ You now have an ID number attributed to your Face Recognition settings.