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How do I Manage my Expenses?

Learn through this article how to manage your company expenses.

💡My Expenses feature provides the information for all expenses of the user. 
Each of your expenses will be assigned a status ranging from pending too approved. 

Where can I find My Expenses? 

  • Head to My Expenses 

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How Do I Add an Expense Manually?

💳 The expenses you charge to your Factorial Card will be automatically reflected here as well. 

  • Click on +Add an Expense
  • Fill in the information about your expense


  • By clicking on the arrow (->), you will be able to access the details of the invoice and the information concerning the expense. 


Filtering Expenses

💰You will have two different types of expenses : Manual and Factorial card. You will have a selection of 6 different filters for expenses ranging from Status to Expense Type. 

  • Manual Expenses are all those that are made by imputing the data of the expense in the system manually. If they are made with the economic advance of the worker, the company must pay that money in the most convenient way and without having a negative impact on the worker.
  • Card Expenses (e.g. automatic) are those that are made using the Factorial card and with which it will not be necessary to impute manually. You just have to attach a receipt to the expense and the process will end when the approver has reviewed the expense. There is no need to make any type of return of the money because money from the company is used.