How Can I Set Up the Organizational Chart?

Learn how to configure the organizational chart. This will be automatically updated with every new addition or termination.

🚨 Make sure you have all the data of your employees updated so that the chart can be generated: 

Where Can I Find My Organizational Chart? 

⇒The org chart is generated based on your company's management structure. 

  • Head to Employees
  • Select Org Chart

💡 Any new incorporations or leaves will automatically modify your chart.

  • You can select the information you want to display regarding each employee such as the workplace or the hiring date

How do I Download the Organizational Chart?

  • Press (...) on the far right of the page
  • Click Export Org. Chart (1)

  • You will be redirected to another page (xls. format) where you can visualise the organisational chart.

How to create vacant positions?

  • Head to Employees
  • Select Org Chart 
  • Click on (+) button
  • A list of the job openings already created will be displayed 
  • Select one of your choices
  • Add the role and level
  • Click on Submit