How Can I Create Absence Types?

Factorial allows you to request three kinds of absence types by default: holidays, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave. But you as an administrator,  will have the permission to create more absence types. Find the steps to create absences.

Create A New Absence Type

🔺 Please note that the same Type of Absence cannot be assigned in Counters of the same Time Off Policy. 

  1. Go to Company 
  2. Select Time Off 
  3. Scroll until you find Absence Types

    Absence Types

  4. Click on Add New Absence Type

 -Start Creating a Telework Absence Type 🏡

  1. Click on Add New Absence Type

    Absence Type
  2. Fill in the fields
    📝 Tele-Work 🏡
    📝 Choose the color 🔵 🟡🟣
    📝 Does it accrue holiday? No ❌
    📝 Needs approval? Yes ✔️
    📝 Allows attached documents? No ❌
    📝 Is the absence type name visible for employees? Yes ✔️
    📝 Is the absence type a working day? That is, was the employee working during the absence? Yes ✔️

  3. Press on Create Absence Type