How Can I Create Absence Types?

Factorial allows you to request three kinds of absence types by default: holidays, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave. But you as an administrator, will have the permission to create more absence types. Learn about it through this article.

Where can I Find Absence Types? 

  1. Go to Company 
  2. Select Time Off 
  3. Scroll until you find Absence Types

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  4. Click on Add New Absence Type

How can I Create an Absence Type? 

  1. Click on Add New Absence Type

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  2. Fill in the fields

  3. Press on Create Absence Type 

How can I add the Type of Absence I have Created within the Time Off Policy?

🔺 Please note that the same Type of Absence cannot be assigned in Counters of the same Time Off Policy. 

  • Head to the time off policy of your interest
  • Go to the allowance where you will add the type of absence 
  • Press in the and select edit allowance
  • Finally, head to the absence types field and add the absence type you have recently created. 

Absence type within the counter

  • Remember to save the changes