Hiring Managers in Recruiting

In this article, you will learn which actions hiring managers can perform, which notifications they can receive, and which permissions you can give them.

👤Administrators can perform any action related to the Recruiting app. To give other employees the possibility to be a part of the hiring process you need to add them as hiring managers to the position they should manage.

Hiring Managers and Job Offers

What actions can Hiring Managers perform in the Offers they are part of?

  • Hiring managers will be able to perform all actions within their job offers.
  • Except for → Create new offers or display offers that they are not part of as hiring managers.

How do I add a Hiring Manager to a Job Offer?

  • Head to Recruiting
  • Open the Jobs section
  • Open a Job 
  • Go to Hiring Process
  • Scroll down to Hiring managers
  • Now you can add (or remove) hiring managers for that position

Email Automations & Notifications

➡ If you have an Enterprise plan, you will be able to modify the content of these emails from Workflows. 

For candidates

  • The candidate can receive a "thank you" email when they apply to a job posting.
  • The candidate can receive another email when they are disqualified.


The contact email address in the Terms & Conditions in ATS has been changed, therefore you can now insert your email.

For Hiring Managers

When there is a new application, hiring managers for this position will receive an email about the new application, if ...
  • ... the hiring manager is not the one who performs the action (creating the candidate manually)
  • ... the hiring manager has the new notification setting enabled
  • ... the hiring manager hasn't been notified within the last 2 hours

Permissions for Recruitment Staff

Which Permissions are related to job offers?

You must be a Recruitment Manager to have Administrator permissions to be able to manage Job Vacancies.

💡 Full management of the Recruitment application can be used by the administrators and any user in Factorial if the appropriate permissions have been granted. Hiring managers can only manage the positions they were assigned to.

      1. Head to Company
      2. Find More
      3. Select Permissions
      4. Select your desired Permission Group 
      5. Scroll till you find Recruitment 
      6. Activate  the feature Manage all Job Offers


      • Create Job Offers: Be able to create job offers and only manage these offers that you have created yourself.
      • Manage all Job Offers: Have complete power over the recruitment feature by being able to perform all actions within this tool. 

What can I do with the Permission to Manage all Job Offers?

    • You will be able to provide visibility to internal and external users to the Applicant Tracking System
    • You can prevent non desired visibility to other parts of Factorial. Recruiters will only be able to see the Applicant Tracking System to maintain your company's confidential data. 
    • You will have access to all ATS. This means you will no longer have to be part of an Administrator group to see all job offers.