Hide employees who haven't started working for the company.

In this brief article you will learn how to hide employees in the org chart before their official starting date.

💡 In the case that you contract a sensitive position, or need to annouce a new hire on a specific date, now you can hide the employees on the org chart and let them visible only on the starting date. 

To enable this feature you need to: 

  • Head to Company
  • Go to the Permissions tab
  • Select the Permissions group that you want to enable this feature
  • Go to the Permissions  tab
  • Head to the Employees section
  • On 'Future Employees'  check the following boxes

Visualization in the org chart

  1. If the employee doesn't report to anyone:
    • They will not appear in the org chart.
  2. If the new employee reports to someone: 
    • The direct and indirect managers are gonna be able to see this employee reporting to them. 
  3. If the new employee has reportees (manager) 
    • Their reportees are not gonna see that they are reporting to this person before the start date. They are gonna continue seeing the same reporting system before the start date.

Example: A new employee is assigned to start in 21 days.


  • Her manager and administrators view of the orf chart: 

  • Her team partners and others employees view of the org chart: