All About Custom Fields

Create Custom Fields to add as much information as you want. Then, export it in excel format.

📣 Do you need to order corporate t-shirts but don't know the sizes of your employees? Would you like to know if any of your employees are allergic to lactose? Would it be necessary to know what languages ​​your employees speak?

How can I Add Custom Fields? 

  1. Head to Company 
  2. Click on the section Customization 
  3. Scroll until you find Custom Fields 
  4. Add Custom Field 

    Custom Fields

Who Can See or Edit Custom Fields? 

You decide, edit permissions from Company>Permissions

✅ Themselves
✅ Managers
✅ Team Leaders
✅ Whole Company 

Custom Fields Image

Create your 1st Custom Field:

Add the Details of the Custom Field: 

• Title: Type of Contract
• Field Type: Single Choice 
• Create Custom Field

Create a custom field

Where can Custom Fields be viewed from an Employee's Profile?

  • Head to the Employee in question 
  • Profile 

    Employee custom fields