Get the Hour Balance

How to view the overtime performed by your employees in Time Tracking

🤔 Problem? 

Your employees may work more or fewer hours than their working hours' shown in Factorial, and you want to know the balance of over- or under-hours, but you don’t have real-time visibility about it.  

😃 Solution? 

We have what you need! We have incorporated the hour balance calculation that allows you to see the hours from the beginning of the current month until today. 

What allows you to get the Hour Balance? 

  • Factorial will allow you to see the balance between estimated hours and hours worked to date in a monthly way.
  • In case your employees work outside their working hours, it will be counted as + Hours worked, if they have worked less than estimated, you will see - Hours worked.
  • You will have the data available in the left side menu > Time Tracking
  • You will have the data available in the pdf or excel document of Time Tracking

What should you take into account to obtain Hour Balance? 

🔘 You must configure the employee’s working hours to obtain a correct balance of hours.

Note ✍️ : To configure it - Employees > Select employee > Contract > Working hours.  

🔘 Activate
the Time Tracking functionality for your employees. 

Note  ✍️ : You can install the functionality in Apps > Time Tracking.

Warning 🚨:  In case you don't want to show the Hour Balance when clocking your employees, you can contact your Account Manager or the Support team

Shall we see an example? 

Here is an example to understand the use case of the Hour Balance.

Jasmine Riley’s contractual information 

    Hours 40
   Unity        Weekly
         Days worked by week Mo-Tu-We-Thu-Fri

Jasmine has an estimate of 100h worked per month. This 100h per month is because Jasmine has requested 5 working days of holidays

Schermata 2022-09-19 alle 14.24.46 1

These days of holidays are subtracted from the total estimated hours that are calculated in the Time Tracking section that can consult both Manager and Administrator, according to their permissions. 

We as administrators, when acceding to the Time Tracking and select Jasmine Riley recorded hours, we will be able to see the detail of its daily registry of day and to see the computation of worked hours until today and the Balance of Hours. 

In this case, we see that: 

🔘 Jasmine worked on a Sunday, which is not part of her work schedule. If Jasmine records her clocking during the Sunday, Factorial will count it as +9h01m in the Hourly Balance, since she has worked more hours than she should have outside of her working hours. 

Schermata 2022-09-19 alle 14.29.34

In this case, we would have an accounting of 9h01m more than what the employee should have worked until today. 

Schermata 2022-09-19 alle 14.30.11

Remember 🧠: To reach this total balance of hours, the balances of the days already worked are being taken into consideration. 

Finally, in the view that you would have for the total of your employees, you would add one more column showing the total Balance of Hours accumulated up to the current day. 

Schermata 2022-09-19 alle 14.32.14

Carryover balance from month to month

With this feature employees can carryover their positive or negative balance from one cycle to the next with no problems 😜

  • Go to Time Tracking App
  • Click on Settings 
  • Enter in your Time Tracking policy 
  • Click on Preferences 
  • Set the Carryover Balance 

carryover balance

When clicking on 👇

  • Monthly: That's the default option, meaning that the balance carryover is not enabled since it resets every month.
  • Yearly: The hours are accumulated from month-to-month and the balance carryover of the current year will be shown in the clock in section
  • Never: The hours are accumulated from month-to-month continuously and the balance carryover will be shown in the clock in section regardless the annual cycles.