Geolocation in Time Tracking

Learn all about the Geolocation clock-in system and learn how to create a report with the geolocation data.

📢 Employees must accept the Geolocation policies first.
Geolocation will record the coordinates only when the employee clock in, and clock out.  At no other time, or in meantime of the clocking action, will this information be tracked.

How can I activate it? 

  1. Head to Apps
  2. Select Time Tracking 
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Select the Time Tracking Policy of your interest 
  5. Go to Policy Settings 
  6. Activate Use geolocation

🔺 You cannot activate the Geolocation and QR code /Entrance app at the same time. 

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💡 When an employee clock's in through the app, Factorial will save the coordinates from where the employee performed the clock in.

Where may I find Geolocation Coordinates? 

Find Geolocation Coordinates via PDF 

  1. Head to Time Tracking
  2. Press on (...) on the far right of the page
  3. Select Download Export
  4. Choose Export type as PDF

💡Reports that are downloaded will be automatically saved in the Report folder that administrators can find within the Files section.


🟠 Only Administrators can download time tracking reports in PDF. 

Consult the coordinates in the Time Tracking Report - PDF format

Find Geolocation Coordinates via Clock In section 

  1. Head to Time Tracking
  2. Select Employee in question by clicking on -->
  3. Click on (i) to obtain the version history of the employees clock in and clock out

💡You can find the information point with the link to google maps to see the coordinates and the exact location were the clock-in was performed.

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⚠️ The moment you enable geolocation, the clock-in button on the web will disappear, as the Geolocation system is not available for the web. 

Create a Report based on Geolocation

Time Tracking Coordinates 📊

Report Name: Time Tracking Coordinates 

Report Type: Table Data 

Initial Data:
*Select Employee and Time and Attendance
* Opt for these options 👇

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👉 Once done, you will obtain your Employees Time Tracking Coordinates 📊
Make sure to save it, share it or even add it to your calendar.