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Generate and manage payment

Learn how to generate a new payment and manage it

Generate a new payment

A new Payments tab inside the Results & payments section will appear. 

  • Click on Generate payment
  •  and start the payment creation process


‼️ The Payments tab will only appear once the payroll results have been imported.

💰 When the payment generation is requested, the list of employees with payroll results will be checked.

  • The amount for the new payment will be calculated as the last version of the current period net salary, minus total sum of previous payments that exist for this period and employee. The Processing or Paid status of each payment is not important.
  • If this amount calculation is 0 or negative, the employee won’t be included in the payment nor shown on the list.
  • For each employee it will appear the name, surname, amount, and also the informed bank account  on the list.
  • Admins will be able to unselect users that they don’t want to include in the payment.
  • Users without a bank account, or with a bank account with errors, won’t be selectable and will be shown as errors.


How to generate the payment?

  • Select the employees you want to include in the payment and make sure you unselect the ones you don't want
  • Check that all the information is correct and proceed to the payment
  • Click on the upper right button Generate Payment
  • Get to the Payments tab and the payments will be listed in there


👀 All payments are created in Processing status, indicating that the payment is ready to be processed in the bank.



The payments in Processing status will show a tooltip indicating you how to proceed 👉




Edit and manage payments

  • Click on the 3 dots on the right of you payment 
  • 4 options will appear 👇


Download SEPA:

As the bank account is validated when generating the payment, all payments will be ready to generate its corresponding SEPA file.

See details:

There are different ways to see the details of your payment. From the right panel, and from each employee

  • By  clicking anywhere in the payment container
  • By selecting the “See details” option in the contextual menu
  • By selecting each employee

Mark as paid:

  • Click on Mark as paid
  • A confirmation toast with the message “Payment marked as paid” will appear
  • The visible status will change from Processing to Paid.

Delete payment:

If a period payment is deleted, it will affect all final payment statuses of all employees that were included in it, and it won’t be shown anymore in their payments tab.


Employee statuses

There are two types of payment statuses:

C234EAD0-6E76-4111-AE8B-9F40F0B5B1C1_1_201_aEmployee payment status: which summarizes the overall status of your payments for this payroll period. It can be Not Paid, Partially Paid, Paid or Overpaid.

Individual status: of each payment that has been generated. This status has two values: Processing and Paid.


Comparison with the previous payroll period

Now you will be able to compare the uploaded amount for the present period, with the amount from the previous period.


  • All columns in the results table will show the variation of the value from the previous period.
  • You can also check the variation in each employee.



Connecting Payroll with Professionals

👀 We have facilitated the process of uploading and processing payroll results.

👏 We provide a full-cycle solution that solves your entire problem.

Each available result file linked to your current policy and period, will have a status and you will be able to track everything from your results tab. So now the file management between you and your Bookkeeper is centralized.

👀 You will see two status:

  • Pending
  • Processed