External Users with Factorial

Through permissions, we can create custom groups and add external employees or administrators. Find out more about this type of user.

What is an External User?

💡External users are collaborators that do not belong directly to the company, to provide an example, external users could be Bookkeepers. These external users can be Admins or Employees, who will suppose no cost to the company and they won't be able to perform the clock in or request for time off. 

How Can I Create an External Administrator?

We advise you to Create a Custom Permission Group for your External Employees but this is not a mandatory step!

💡 If you select assign an external user, you will convert an employee to an external user.

  1. Head to Company 
  2. Select More
  3. Find Permissions 
  4. Click on Administrators group
  5. Head to the External Users  tab
  6. Click on (+) - 📍 located in the upper right corner
  7. Choose Create External User


How Can I Delete an Administrator?

  • Click (...) of external administrator 
  • Press on Delete User


Permissions and External Administrators

💡For an Administrator, all the permissions are already enabled.


How Can I Create an External Employee? 

You will repeat the identical procedure to create an external employee from the steps above for an external administrator. ☝🏽


Do you want to Delete your External User?

➡️ You can delete the external user in a specific permission group and you can move them to another group. 

  • Head to the Permissions Group that holds the External User you are interested in moving 
  • Press on (...)
  • Select Delete user

⚠️ One external user can belong to multiple accounts, therefore deleting an external user in a certain company will only remove an account access to this company not the user itself. 


What Permissions Can I Grant to my External Employees? 

📍 Find in the Permission Tab a List of customisable permissions that you can grant to these external employees.