External Users on Factorial

Through permissions, we can create custom groups and add external employees or administrators. Find out more about this type of user.

💡 External users do not suppose a cost.

How Can I Create an External Employee? 

First, Create a Custom Permission Group for your External Employees

  1. Head to Company 
  2. Select Permissions 
  3. Click on any employee group 
  4. Select the Employee Tab 
  5. Click on (+) - 📍 located in the upper right corner
  6. Choose Create New User 

Add external employee

To Edit or Delete your External Employee, Follow these Steps: 

  1. Within your external employee group, head to the employees tab 
  2. For the person in question press (...)
  3. Select Edit or Delete User 



Select the Groups or Employees which the External Employees should have Access to 

  • Head to the External Employee Permission Group 
  • Press in the configuration tool 
  • Opt for Edit Access Group

Edit access group


You can limit the access and view of certain teams or people by selecting these options: 

 → Everyone in the Company
Dynamic Groups 
→ Manual Selection 


What Permissions Can I Grant to my External Employees? 

📍 Find in the Permission Tab a List of customizable permissions that you can grant to these external employees. 

List of permissions

👩‍🏫 About External Administrators  Types of Administrators