Everything you need to know about the Onboarding Feature: Welcome Space

When invited, the employee will have access to a limited version of Factorial intended to onboarding-related tasks like filling-in personal info and signing documents.

🤓 During the Onboarding process of your new hires, you will surely have to manage certain steps for them to perform such as: signing documents, completing their personal data and marking their tasks as complete. So that all these actions can be performed and recorded effectively, Factorial offers them an option called Welcome Space where they will have limited access to the company account before they become employees.

How does Welcome Space begin? 

📍First you must install the application.

  1. Head to Applications
  2. Scroll and select Employee Onboarding 
  3. Click on Install App
  4. Assign a default date 

💡By assigning a default date for the contract start date, it will automatically apply to the contract date that was put in the Excel file. 


Explaining Terms

  • Contract start date : Date that an employee will start working with Factorial. 
  • Custom Date : The date when the company wants the employees to have regular access to the company. This will change the employees access from Welcome Space to regular access. 


⚠️You can set any number but Factorial doesn't support negative values.

💡0 days will be the default for companies who already have the app Employee Onboarding installed.

How do I configure the importer process? 

  • Head to Employees
  • Press on (...)
  • Select Import Employees
  • Click on Download employees template

👁Focus: Once the employee template was downloaded as an Excel sheet, you find the column 'Contract start date'. 


💡If the column contract start date is empty, the employee will remain in the Welcome Space. If the column is not empty it will be set to the date and the delay defined by the company.

Once, the Excel file was downloaded head back to Employees and click on (...) to select import employees. 


Employees in Bulk

🖋Note :You may transfer the possibility to change the date at which the user will be granted regular access to Factorial to the bulk editor. You can set at which date a user (or several users at once) will no longer have welcome space features only (e.g. if you need to overwrite the default setting). 

  1. Head to Employees
  2. Select all employees
  3. Click on Edit Data


Where can I find the option Welcome Space? 

📍 You will find the welcome space option in different sections of the platform: 

  • Within the employee feature when inviting a +new employee 

  • From the Recruitment feature, when transforming a candidate into an employee. 

  • When you reactivate an employee after he/she has been terminated. 


💡 Administrators will see in the candidate's profile a banner indicating that the employee has welcome space access. As for how to manage it, it will be the same as managing any other employee.

What will the candidates see from their account with the welcome space option activated?

  1. When they log in they will be redirected by default to the me>profile section. It is from here that they  will be able to complete their data so that Human Resources can begin to manage the necessary procedures.
  2. Contract Section to view their contract information.
  3. Documents Section where they will only be able to view their own documents, not those of the company. It will be through this section where they will also be able to upload documents and make the e-signature in case they have been notified to do so.
  4. Tasks where they will be able mark as completed the tasks they have been assigned. 
  5. Notifications a space where they can view pending tasks that are yet to be performed. 


How to change the welcome space status to regular access?

🔺 Note that someone with regular access can be returned to welcome access as long as they have not yet confirmed their account.

Simply head to the profile of the employee you want to give regular access and press in the button give regular access


💡 Normally when the candidate profile is created, it is created with a personal email address. Then, right before the contract starts, the candidate's email address is changed to that of the company. For this purpose, the administrator is given permission to edit the employee's email address.