Everything you need to know about Competencies

Learn how to define the skills needed for your employees to perform their job.


⚠️ This is an old version of the competencies feature. To discover the new and updated version of competencies, click here


Where Can I Find Competencies? 

  • Head to the App Section 
  • Select Competencies 
  • Press in Install App  


Before continuing, you will need to select the competencies range which you will use to qualify competencies. 🔺Once confirmed, you will not be able to edit it. 

💡 Once the Competencies App is installed, a Competencies Dashboard in the Report Section will be automatically generated and 2 Reports will appear by default: 9 box Grid and Competencies Expectations VS Real Ratings. 

🔺 You need to add the competencies that your company has defined for the employees before using the competencies reports. 


How Can I Configure Competencies?

From the App section, simply head to Settings and press in Go to Competencies Configurations 


👉 By pressing on this button you will be redirected to the Competencies section within Custom Tables. In here you will find competencies and other relevant table fields by default. 

How can I add more fields, e.g. add more competences?

  • Once you are in the competencies section, head to Table Fields 
  • Press in the configuration wheel next to competence name 
  • Click in edit and select +add one option 
  • Finally, add the new competence name. 


How can I archive fields? 

Simply click on the trash button to archive the field. 


How Can Managers and Admins Respond to these Competencies? 

🔺 Employee cannot see: comments, past reviews and next reviews. In case you need to edit the visibility of the table fields, head to Permissions.

  • Go to Employees 
  • Head to the employee in question 
  • Select the 
  • Press in others 


How Can I Respond to the Competencies? 

  • Press in add record 
  • Complete the fields 


How Can I Edit or Delete the Records? 

  • Head to the competence in question by pressing the →
  • Edit the fields 
  • Press in Save 

⇒ To delete the competence respond simply press in Delete 


To Edit the Competencies Table Fields: 

  • Press in (...) and select Custom Table Settings.