Create a Company Event

Learn how to create a company event.

How can I Create an Event? 

  1. Head to the Omni Button
  2. Select Create a Post 

    Create a Post
  3. Choose Event 

  4. ⬆ Fill Out all the Details Required 
    "+" Add a Picture 
    ➡  Add a Tittle 
    ➡ Add Date and Time 
    ➡ Add Location 
    ➡  Add Description 
  5. It is up to you to grant these permissions: 
    Send Event via email 
    ➡  Allow Reactions 

  6. Publish Event 

How the Events will be visualized from your Employee´s Profile? 

As Upcoming Events, they can access the Event with a click, and if the permission has been granted, they will be able to react with an emoticon or a commentary.  

Events from employees profile

They can also See the Event from the Company´s Calendar 

Events in Calendars

How Can An Admin -Block, Edit or Delete- An Event? 

You must simply click on the (...) -📍 located in the upper right corner