Why you should import your employees' data to Factorial?

Factorial is a software made to streamline the most time consuming human resources tasks and improve communication with the employees. They are a crucial part of any company! 

With Factorial, employees can enter their personal accounts, check their data, payslips, and request time off. Of course, privacy is essential and a very serious issue for us. In any way can an employee enters the account of another employee or sees their data. If you want more information about it you can check our following article: What can an employee see at Factorial?

Remember that when importing employees you must write their data correctly so they can use their account to the fullest. Also, each employee needs a personal and non-transferable email address.  

We'll never send your employees any messages without your consent. When you import your employees we won't notice them either until you say so.  
For more information about how to import employees take a look at our step by step guide.