Who can accept holiday requests from an employee?

The Time Off Supervisor and the Company Administrator are responsible for approving or rejecting an employee's leave requests. 

When an employee requests holidays the supervisor or the admin will receive a message to approve or reject the request.

  • If the employee's vacation is approved it will automatically appear as out of office in the team calendar. 
  • If an employee's vacation request is denied, the employee will receive an email informing them that it has not been accepted.  Remember that only if you approve the vacation, other employees will be able to see this worker's absence when consulting the calendar.

You can see an example of how it would look here: 


As soon as you approve or reject the request for vacation days the employee will receive an email notifying him/her of the decision.

When approving the vacation, the number of days the employee can be on vacation will be automatically reduced in his/her profile. Under no circumstances may an employee request more vacation days than the administrator or supervisor has stipulated.