Which emails from Factorial will employees receive? 📩

To guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the data of all the companies that use our human resources software, Factorial sends some emails to employees. Here is a list of the emails that your company's employees will receive when they join Factorial.

Note ✍🏽  : Employees only receive the emails necessary to guarantee the proper functioning of the tool. These are emails related to their holidays, payroll or profile in Factorial. Under no circumstances will employees receive promotional emails or data from another worker without the company's consent.


These are the emails that employees can receive when joining Factorial 📩

Invitation to Factorial 📨 

This invitation is sent by the account administrator and contains the minimum information for the employee to join Factorial and the company to start using our human resources software. The invitation will only be sent when an administrator presses the send invitation button.

Welcome email 👋🏼  

A single email explaining briefly what Factorial is and how you can use it. The welcome email is sent after the worker has accepted the invitation from an account manager.

Updated profile ☑

Changes within the worker's profile that require verification or affect personal data.

Change in salary 💰

When there is a change in salary, the worker will be notified by email so that he/she can consult the change within his/her Factorial account.

New payslip received 📄

 If the company uses Factorial Payroll or uploads a new payroll manually to the employee's folder, the worker will receive an email to be able to consult his/her new payroll within his/her Factorial account.

Absence request 🏝

When requesting vacation days, leave or any type of absence the employee will be notified of any change in the status of his/her request (approved, rejected, modified...).

Weekly digest 📆

Every Monday the employee will receive an email with the news of the week, absences and other things related to his company.

The privacy of all employees is guaranteed. We always respect confidentiality and will never send spam or promotional emails to any employee. If you are curious, you can also see what the employees will see inside Factorial.