Where do I find and share documents of my concern in Factorial? 🗃️

As an employee, you have available a section called My Documents in your user account, which is located between Time-off and Tasks in the left side menu of functionalities. In this section, you will have stored all the documents of your interest and those your company shares with you. 

Where can I find the documents that my company shares openly? 🗂️

If your company publishes documents for all their employees, such as information on risks in the work environment, a survey to be filled in by all the employees, general office rules, or a document to be shared with all the employees, you will find it in the Company Files. 
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Remember that in this section, you will only find those documents that the company makes public with the rest of their employees. 

Can I add documents in this section? Can my manager or administrator do it? 🗂️

You can add documents by yourself, but you must do it in My Documents section. 

Simply click on My Documents, and through the "+" button that you will see at the top right, you will be able to share documents in this section. 

Your manager or administrator will be able to do the same, as they will have permission to access your documents section. 

In case the document you want to upload does not correspond to any folder created by default in Factorial (Contracts, Payroll, ID's or Medical Leave) you should not select any type of file in the drop-down menu. You must do the following: 

  1. Click on the "+" button at the top right. 
  2. File type "None". 
  3. Drag a file from your desktop. 
  4. Upload a document. 

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Therefore, the documents that you upload in your My Documents section will be classified just below the Contracts, Payroll, ID's and Medical Leave folders. 

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