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When deleting an employee, will I lose all the data from the employee?

No. The employee's history will not be lost.

Employee data will always be available in Factorial to the company administrator. 

In order to access the past employee's data, you will have to follow the following steps:  

  1. Go to employees
  2. Click on the Filters tab at the top of the employee list
  3. Pick Past Employees

    Captura de pantalla 2020-04-09 a las 18.01.39

  4. You will see a list of the employees you terminated at the time
  5. Access any of them to check their information

To check your past employees' time tracking information, you will have to follow the same steps, but accessing your Time Tracking tab.

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With these simple steps, you will be able to review information on those employees you have previously terminated, so you will never lose information on your employees. 🎉

If you need to terminate an employee of your company you can consult:

If you need to delete an employee's data completely, you can request this by sending an email to our support team at support@factorial.co