What does "Time-Off Supervisor" mean?

-A Time-Off Supervisor is an employee in charge of approving or rejecting the time-off requests of his/her employees assigned- 

  •  See, edit, or create all the information related to the holidays, sick leaves, or any other time-off requests of the employees managed by her/him.
  • See, edit or even create a time-off request for their employees 
    πŸ“¨ If a Time-Off Supervisor creates a time-off request for an employee, this request will be automatically approved and everyone (the employee, observers, Time-Off Approver, and the admin) will be notified.
  •  An employee can only have one Time-Off Supervisor. 

How to assign a Time Off Supervisor to your employees?

  • Go to the Employee Profile 
  • Swipe until you see the Time Off Section 
  • Click on the Time Off Supervisor 
  • Select the Time Off Supervisor 

Time off Supervisor

Permissions for Time Off Supervisors 

  • Company 
  • Permissions 
  • Time Off

    Find in this screenshot πŸ‘‡, the different Permissions that can be granted to your Time Off Supervisors.