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What can an employee see at Factorial?

If you are the admin of a company account on Factorial and you have already invited the employees to join, find below a list of the information that they will be able to see:

  1. Their employee account at Factorial 
  2. Your Profile and Personal Data (only their data, not that from another employee)
  3. Their Time-off section
  4. Their documents and shared company files
  5. Their clock-in, in case the company has enabled it
  6. Their task section
  7. The calendar that lists all the other people on the team and the people who are out of the office (employees will not be able to see the type of absence for which the employee is out of the office if indicated by the administrator), to learn how to edit this information you can read the article on customized leave types.
  8. A list of the company employees with very reduced information (they will only be able to see very basic information about the employees, like e-mail, manager, teams and the customized fields that are shared with the rest of the employees) 

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They will never be able to see personal data of other employees, -Unless they are granted the permissions to do so-

💡 Remember that employees will only see what you want them to see and will  be able to access private data from other people on the team if an administrator grants them the permission to do so.

👉 Don't worry, all the data of the employees is safe in Factorial and will stay confidential. 

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In case you want to completely reduce the visibility of your employees' accounts, we recommend that you take a look at this article in which we explain how to completely restrict the visibility of any kind of information from the rest of the employees. 

On the contrary, if you want to increase the visibility of your employees' accounts. As an administrator, you can grant them different permissions. By accessing Company> Permissions

👇 These  are the permissions you can grant to your employees:

Time Tracking: Edit and review the clock-in/ approve the information about Time Tracking.

Contracts: View and edit contracts. Edit salaries.

Dashboard Events: Share birthdays.

Personal Documents: View and edit documents.

Employees: View personal information.

Shift Management: View, edit, and publish shifts.

Time-Off:  View, edit, delete absences. Manage Time-Off documents. Approve and reject Time-Off and download Time-Off.

EVERY MONDAY 🌞: Your workers will receive in their emails a Weekly Summary with the events of the week, such as: birthdays, anniversaries, who will be absent, pending tasks to be done, etc.