What are accrued days?

You may have logged into your Factorial account, and upon accessing your time-off section you may have seen an increase in the total days of your time-off table. 

In this brief article, we explain to you through an example one of the causes that may have increased your number of total days of absences. 

Why does Dani the Support Manager have 42 total days of holidays? 

Dani has 23 days a year according to his time-off policy. 

As it turns out, in 2019, Dani only used 4 days out of the 23 total days he had to use, leaving a total of 19 days available to use. 

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Dani's account administrator set up his time-off policy as described below:

  • 23 working days during the year. 
  • Accruable until the end of April of the following year. 
  • Unlimited accrued days. 

Therefore, according to the configuration, Dani will have those 19 days available until the end of April 2020. For that reason, in his time-off days scoreboard, 42 total days are shown and not 23, as the 19+23 are added. 

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In this case, the accrued days will be available until April 30, 2020, therefore, if you do not consume them before April 30, they will expire and you will lose those days. 

Once the accumulated days expire, you will still have 42 total days on the time-off timeline. In order to make sure that those days are expired, you can click on the total days, and the drop-down list with the information of your total days will appear.