Update my employees' information in bulk

Update my employees' information in bulk is very simple:

  1. Access the Employees section, click on the add option in the upper right corner, and select the Import employees option. 

  2. Download your employee's template, which will come filled with all the data you have entered of your employees in Factorial.
  3. Find the file in the Downloads folder on your computer and open it.
  4. Modify the information you need from your employees.
  5. Upload the file back to Factorial in the same format (.XLSX)


  6. Check the changes, select the employees you want to update, and click the Import button with the employees selected.

Tip💡: With the Factorial importer, you can also add multiple employees at the same time: Import employees in bulk mode 👨🏽‍🤝‍👨🏼