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Tour around our Time-off feature 💆🏻

Time-off management is one of the key features of Factorial. Many companies already easily manage the vacation schedule of all the employees in the company with no effort in the Human Resources Department.

If you are interested in this feature you can read this short article "Tour through the time-off feature"

Before you start, if you want to get the most out of this feature you will have to import and invite all the employees in your company. If you want, you can import all employees at once or create an employee manually. Remember to invite your employees so you can start managing vacation requests directly in Factorial.

Steps to get the most out of functionality 

1. Import your company's bank holidays

Employees need to know which days will be bank holidays. If you want, you can automatically import all national and regional holidays in your company. You can do this by logging in to your administrator account and going to Company > Offices > View Office > Import Holidays.

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2. Specify the number of days an employee can request and whether it is counted in calendar or working days

As the head of Human Resources, you can detail the number of holidays an employee has available. You can offer unlimited holidays or set a specific number. You can also specify whether the company counts working or calendar days. Also, you will have the option to indicate if you want these days to be accrued the following year, and set when you want them to expire. 

You can do this by logging in to your administrator account and going to Company > Time-off > See policy > Basic information > Time off. 

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 You must also configure the employee's working hours from the Contract sectionadd a hiring start date so that the time-off days can be correctly prorated according to their hiring date.

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  More information about how to set up your time-off policy in the following link: Can I create different company policies in Factorial? 

 3. Fit the calendar of employees with the holidays already enjoyed

Note that Factorial will calculate the number of available days proportionally for each employee according to their hiring date.

If the employee has already taken holidays during the year and you want to deduct them from his or her available days; or if more days belong to the previous year, you can adjust the days corresponding to the holiday adjustment. 

You must go to Employees > Click to the main employee > Time-off > Add holiday Adjustment (you will find it underneath the whole, in the form of a button). 

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 If you want to know more about who can approve time-off requests from company employees I recommend you read this article: Who can accept an employee's time-off?

From now on, employees will be able to request time-off and we will notify you whenever this happens so that you can accept or deny the time-off requests. You can learn more about the process an employee must follow to request vacation by reading these related articles:

 Finally, you can also synchronize your calendar with the Factorial team calendar.

Remember that for any doubt we are available, this is our contact.