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The permissions system

Do you have profiles of workers with responsibilities that don't adapt to what we already offer in Factorial? The dramas are over! With Factorial you will be able to enable certain permissions to the employees you need. This way you will adjust Factorial in a totally personalized way to the structure of your company.

Who accesses this functionality? 🔐

This functionality is available to all companies of the free plan, HR plan, and Legal plan. Also, only the administrators of the company account will have access to check the permissions of all employees.

Where to find the permissions system? 📍

The permissions system is located in the Company section. You will find a tab called Permissions where there will be different permission groups in relation to different user groups. Each group may have a different permissions assignment.



How does it work? 🤔

By default, you will find two permission groups created: the administrator group and the default employee group. In addition, you have the possibility to create customized groups of employees, to be able to customize their permissions.

Administrators group 👑

In this group, you will find the administrators of the company, where you can check the permissions associated with them. It is the only group in which permissions cannot be customized. All assigned employees have active all permissions of the application.

The administrators' group can never be empty. So you will not be able to un-assign an administrator from the group, in case there is only one. As in all permission groups, it is allowed to assign new employees to the group or move employees from that group to a different one.

By default employee group 👤

Composed of all employees of the company, excluding administrators. The admin is able to see the employee list and access to the permissions. As an administrator user, you can edit the permissions of the default employee group.

The default employee group cannot be deleted.

Custom group 👨‍🎨

In addition to these groups by default, you can create custom groups of employees to assign them specific permissions. This way you can adapt Factorial completely to your needs.

How to create a custom group? Very easy! You will see that in the right frame of the permissions section, there is a "+" symbol, in which you can click and create the new custom group. Then, you have to specify a name for the group and assign the employees... and ready! You can start adding employees and customize their permissions to your liking.


Note ✍🏼: An employee cannot be assigned in more than one group. When you create a new group, the employees you have assigned to it will move from the group to which they belonged to the new one.
In case you want to delete a custom group, because you no longer need it or because you were doing tests and want to start from scratch, you can do it by clicking on the nut icon 🔩, and you will see that it will allow you to delete the group

When you have the custom group created, you can add employees that are in the administrator group or in the default employee group. Once you add them, they will stay in that group and can configure their permissions.

Also, once they are in the custom group, you can move them to other groups, as we show in the following GIF.


Reminder 🧠: If you add an administrator in a custom group, you will lose all the permissions you had as an administrator.