Teams in Factorial

How Can I Create Teams? 

  1. Go to Employees
  2. Select Teams
  3. Click on (+New Team)  - 📍Located in the upper right corner
    New Team
  4. Team name
  5. Save 

How to Add Members in Teams? 

  • (+Add Members) 
  • Select the employees you want to add as members 
  • Add members 

Add members

How to Set a Team Leader? 

Team Leaders Can: 

See information of the team members they lead
Can manage absences of the team members they lead
If the administrator grant these permissions, the leader will have access to the payroll, contracts or documentation of the team members.

  • Go to the person you want to assign as Leader
  • Set as Team Leader

Set as team leader


☝ Follow these same steps and you will be able to Remove a Team Member as you can see it in the screenshot.

How to Rename or Delete a Team? 

  • Access the Team
  • Click on the (...) - 📍 Located in the upper right corner

Add members

Filter your Teams in:

  • Calendar 
  • Time Tracking Reports
  • Time Off Reports
  • Reports