Know thoroughly the Files Feature

Company documents, Documents in bulk and Auto-Send documents.

Company Documents 

Here you can upload public documents for the whole company. If you make them public, all employees will be able to see them. Otherwise, only administrators will be able to access them.

*To Upload Documents*
Just click on (+Upload Documents). Then drop or click on the box to upload a document.

Upload document..

*Document Settings*
The configuration wheel will redirect you to Document Settings.

Configuration wheel

🔺 Only if you have an Enterprise Plan, you will be able to edit and create document folders.

Documents in Bulk 

Upload one or more PDFs (like contracts or payslips) and send them to your employees. You can choose between: 

⚪  Split the PDF in separate documents
⚪  Don't modify them
⚪ Combine them in a unique document 

How to Download Documents in Bulk? 

  1. Drag and drop here a PDF document or browse file/s
    Drag and drop
  2. Fill in the requested fields 

    Upload document.....
  3. Upload document 

Auto - Send Documents 

  • Drag and drop various or one PDF document.
  • Select the Folder Name 
  • Select the Upload Type 
  • Upload document 
  • Press Auto Send Documents 

Automated documents