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Take advantage of the Files functionality! 📂

Is it time to distribute the payslips of your employees and you do not want to hang them up one by one in the Dropbox of each employee? You have new hires in your company, Don't you know how to send the contracts in a fast and efficient way? Factorial has the solution! You have available a  feature that allows the administrator to send PDF documents such as (Payslips, Contracts, Ids, or others) to the corresponding document folder of each employee, automatically. 

Where is the Files feature located? 📍

So simple. Accessing your administrator account, you will find this functionality in the features menu on your left. 

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Tip💡: The Files feature is designed to send documents to the specified folder of each employee, which is different from the "Files - Company Documents" feature. 

What does this feature mean and how to use it correctly? 🤔

The purpose of including this new functionality is to make the processes easier for the HR team and thus to be able to speed up processes such as sending payslips, contracts, etc. to the rest of the employees.

In case you have a heavy PDF document with all the payrolls of your employees, uploading it to Factorial will allow you to split it by employees and send each payslip to the "Payslips" folder of each one of them. 

Factorial will detect the information in the employee's payroll and will relate it to the employee's profile data so that the administrator can validate the sending of the document to the employee's profile. 

Once you have uploaded the file, the system will automatically relate the employee's information to the file, and the person indicated in "Suggestions" will appear. 

You will have to validate it with a ✅ and then hit the blue button "Send to X". This first payroll will be available in the folder of Employee X. Once you send it, the next payroll will appear, and so on until all the payrolls, contracts, etc. that you have uploaded in the document have been completed. 


Note ✍: It is very important to properly fill in the employee's personal information so that the system can relate the information in the document to the employee's information. 

Regarding the company files, you also have the functionality of Files - company documents that we commented to you in the "Tip 💡" of the second paragraph of the article, you will find it in Company > Files. It is also used to share files, documents, company policies, etc. with the rest of the employees, but not in bulk mode. These documents can be made public or not, depending on what you configure when you upload each file. In case you make a mistake when uploading a document, and you want to delete it, you can do it.