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Steps to install and use the time tracking functionality

Factorial's time tracking function has everything you need: track time, approve timesheets, view schedules,  review staff attendance, and much more. Let's look at the different features of the functionality and how you can start using it right away.

Install the feature

To install the application, it is as easy as going to the Apps section and clicking on the Time Tracking application. 

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Once you have clicked, simply hit the blue "install app" button and the application will automatically be installed to your company account. 

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Once the Time Tracking feature is installed, you will be directed to a default Time Tracking policy. 

You will see a view of the Time Tracking policy with the following information:

  • The policy settings: It will allow you to put a name, a description, and the Time Tracking systems that you want to assign to the policy. 

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  • Employees: You will be able to add the employees you want to the Time Tracking policy. 

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Using this system of Time Tracking policies, you will be able to assign different Time Tracking systems to the employees of your company. 

In case that in your company, you would like to assign the clocking system with Geolocation for the Sales Team's commercials, you will be able to create a Time Tracking policy for them, customizing this policy and assigning the sales team's employees to the policy. 

If your company has a development team that can work from the office or from home, you can assign them a Time Tracking policy with the clocking in from the web and the clocking out by QR. 

Our policies will allow you to activate the following clocking options

  • Clock-in with the clock-in/clock-out button on the website.
  • Clock-in with the button clock-in/clock-out from the mobile app. 
  • Clock-in by geolocation from the mobile app. 
  • Clock-in with QR code from the mobile app.

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You can create as many time tracking policies as you want, and adapt them to your company's organization and signing. 

Once you finish setting the default Time Tracking policy, you can click on the button ⬅ ️ that you will see on the top left, and it will take you to the Settings view, where you will be able to add more Time Tracking policies.

To add more policies, simply click on the "+" button in the top right-hand corner, and a new policy will be added and you will be able to edit it.

How do I edit the new policy you have added?

Very easy! Simply click on the arrow button ➡ ️, and you will see that it will take you to the setting of the new policy created, where you will be able to assign the Time Tracking systems you want and add employees. 

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Record worked hours

The employees that track time automatically, must record their hours in the section Clock in, found in the lateral menu. From this section, employees can fill in the hours worked, add notes for a specific day, view their absences, and their working days, according to your contract. There are two ways of recording the hours worked.

Clock-in/Clock-out Functionality

From either the Clock in section or the Dashboard, employees can record the hours when they start and finish their shift. 

All they have to do is enter their hours worked, and click on the button "Submit" to create a new shift. Remember to clock out when you go for an extended break or for lunch. When you return, enter the time, and again, the time when you exit for the day. 

 Clock in_web

You can repeat this process as many times as you need, depending on the length of the day and the number of times you leave and re-enter the office. 

This method of clocking in is also available from Factorial's mobile application, for use with both iPhone and Android devices.


Registering hours manually

The possibility to input your hours manually also exists. Simply, select the day to which you want to input the hours manually, and add the enter and exit time.

You can add as many shifts as necessary, by clicking on the button "+" and repeating the process.


Note ✍🏽: The system does not allow you to add hours that are in the future. 

Geolocation Feature

The Geolocation system for mobile app can be activated along with the web clocking in/out system.

Warning ⚠️: If you activate the Geolocation system, you will not be able to activate the QR code system (Entrance app) at the same time. In any case, you will be able to activate both systems (Geolocation and QR code) at the same time.

 To learn more about the Geolocation system, and see how it works, you can consult this article where we detail how to use it.


QR Code Functionality (Entrance App)

The QR Code system for mobile application can be activated along with the Clocking-In/Out system, in the same way as the Geolocation system.

Warning ⚠️If you activate the QR Code system (Entrance app), you will not be able to activate the Geolocation system at the same time. In any case, you will be able to activate both systems (Geolocation and QR code) at the same time.

If you want to know more about how the QR Code system works, and how to activate it in your company account, check this article where we explain to you how to install it and we detail step by step what you have to do to get your employees to sign up through it.

Making changes

Once registered, the employee can edit shifts as long as they have not yet been approved by the administrator or manager.  To comply with labor inspection laws, Factorial saves all changes so that the person responsible for checking the data has all the necessary information available.

This information can be viewed in the application, above the "i" to the left of every shift and in the downloadable PDF summary where all of the information on the hours for every employee is kept.

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Approving employee timesheets

Account administrators and the managers (if they have permission) can view a section called Time tracking from where they can manage all the timesheets of their employees. 

In this section, they can see the list of employees and a summary of the hours worked per month. If we click on a specific employee, we can see the details of their tracked time for the month in question.

When the month ends, and the timesheets are reviewed, you can select one, a few, or all of the employees and click on the button "Approve hours" to approve any pending hours.  The approval of hours can only be done once at the end of the month. For example, hours for the month of January can only be approved once February 1st comes around. 


Employees will receive a notification via email, confirming the hours that have been approved. Once the hours are approved, they can no longer be modified by the employee.

There is the possibility of choosing to disapprove previously approved hours, by first selecting the employee, and repeating the same process.   


Downloading reports

Administrators and managers can download an attendance/time tracking report, for a specific month at any time, either in Excel or PDF format. 

With a simple click of the button "..." and by selecting the option "Download report" you can download your employee time tracking report. It's that easy!



Email reminders.
To the employees: A reminder is sent in the last week of the month to remind employees to fill in their timesheet. 

To the Administrators/Managers: On the first of every month, an email is sent out to remind you to review and approve the timesheets of your employees. 

Product Reminders
In Factorial, you can create tasks to remind each employee to complete their timesheet daily.

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