Tasks Templates for Administrators

Create task templates and speed up the tasks assignment.

First, Create Templates

  • Head to Company 
  • Access toTasks 
  • Click on the"+" - 📍Located in the upper right corner
  • Add Template 

  • Save changes 

➡ Once you have created a Template, you will be able to add Tasks. 

Then, Create Tasks 

  • Press + Add Tasks - 📍Located in the upper right corner 
  • Fill in theTask Details 

    Edit tasks
  • Save Changes 

This how you will visualize the Task Template once created 📸👇
The (...) selected in the screenshot below, will let you: 
- Edit Task 
- Duplicate Task 
- Delete Task 


Employee onboarding tasks

    Import a Task Template to my Employee´s  

    Suppose the case in which a new employee joins the company. As an administrator, you will know that there are specific Onboarding Processes to follow. With Tasks, you can create Templates (as we already learned) and add these Onboarding Tasks to your Managers or Leaders later. Once they perform the tasks, they can mark these as completed.

    • Go to Employees
    • Head to the Employee in question 
    • Once you are in his/her profile, click on Tasks 
    • Select Import a task template 

      Import a task
    • Choose the Import Template 
    • Select Template 

    Import template tasks