Roles in Factorial: What kind of users exist in Factorial?

Factorial is an HR software designed to streamline the day to day tasks of the human resources department of small and medium companies. What makes Factorial different from other HR software is that Factorial offers employees a personal account from were to request absences, holidays, or sick leaves, as well as to check out their personal information and payslips. 

In Factorial exist 5 kinds of users with different authorizations: 

1. Admin:
Is the person who manages the account in Factorial. They can see everything and can access to all employees' data. As an admin, they will be able to accept or reject absences, make changes to the configuration, and add other admins. The admin is also an employee and usually is the HR manager. 

2. Manager:

The manager is the person to whom one or more people answer. This will be important when you create your organizational chart.  


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3. Team leaders:

The leaders can see the information of the team members they supervise and can manage their absences. The leader doesn't have access to payslips, contracts, or any employee's documentation.


4.Absences supervisor:

Absence supervisors are the employees who are in charge of accepting or rejecting absences requests of one or more Factorial employees. The absence supervisor can see, edit, and create all information necessary for holidays, sick leaves, or other kinds of absences the employees under their supervision ask for. 

5. Employees:

All the roles above are also employees. Except if an admin changes an employee role, employees can't see the personal data of other employees. They can just see their own information, the organizational chart, and a simplified absences calendar where they will just see who's out of the office, but not why. 

There is an exception when an admin can not be an employee. This admin profile is useful when you need someone who needs to see the employees' data but is not a part of the team, as an administrator.