Reasons why your employees cannot Clock-In

Your morning begins bright and sunny ☀ until one of your workers informs you that he/she cannot clock-in. Do not throw yourself overboard; this can happen! But with Admin superpowers, we can usually solve them. 

Review these steps to solve the most common issues 

➡ They have not clocked-out from the previous day

Many times we leave the office in a hurry and forget to clock-out. While we continue our day and go to sleep, the clock keeps counting our working hours. The day after, or the following Monday, we return, and, surprisingly, we cannot clock-in! Why? Because the clock-in has been left running.

Now, as Admins, we have to solve this. We simply have to ask the employee to please review the clock-in of the past days. If they notice that one day they forgot to clock-out, they must edit the number of hours worked that day. Once this is done, employees will be able to clock in, and you will be able to go back to enjoying the radiant sun.

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➡ They have been excluded from Time Tracking 

Yes, they could have been excluded from Time Tracking😱! It could happen that we accidentally click on this option without understanding what it means. Luckily, there is an effortless way to re-include them. 

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➡ They have not been added to the Time Tracking Policy

For an employee to clock-in according to the settings you have established in the time control policy, the employee needs to be part of that policy. 

If you notice that this employee is clocking-in/out in other ways, go to the Time Control Policies and check that your established settings are correct.

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💡 Within the policy, you can review the Policy Settings and Employees

➡ My employee forgot to clock-in in the past days! Now I, as an administrator, want to edit his/her clock-in

Even as an admin, you won´t be able to do this. No one but the employee himself can make edits to his time tracking, as long as the Admin has given him permission. 

  • Where can I find permissions regarding Time Tracking Edition?

  1. Company
  2. Permissions
  3. Click in the group of interest
  4. Time Tracking 
  5. Edit clock-in / clock-out data
  • If my employees make edits to their Clocks-In, will I find out?

Of course, everything is registered in the system. When you download the Time Control Report of your workers, you will see the edited changes and their observations.


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