Common errors when creating Contracts 📝

📢 The most common and most critical mistake Admins make in Factorial is entering wrong contract start dates and wrong contract versions. 

💡In this article, we will share tips to avoid creating chaos in workers' schedules and absences.

⏺ Common Error #1) Change the contract start date

In Factorial there is no multi-contract option, but rather several versions of a contract. 

In other words, there is only one single contract. So changing the start date of a contract will affect all the different versions of the contract (while also changing the other variables such as hours and absences).

⏺ Common Error #2) Difference between the contract start date & the contract version start date

  • Contract start date: Original date of the contract. Do not change it unless you want to end the current contract and start a new one.

    Contrato 1
  • Contract version start date: Date that applies from the creation of the contract version, adopting any changes made.

    Contrato 2
    Contrato 3

⏺Common Error #3) Trying to create a new contract version without having entered a contract start date

If you don't have a contract start date, you will not be able to create contract versions.

⏺Common Error #4) Change wages or working hours without first creating a contract version  

Remember that to make any change to a contract, we must first create a contract version. The changes will apply from this date and it will be reflected in the contract from that version onwards.


✉ Congratulations on reading these four tips 🎉. Now you will feel more prepared than Hercules when creating your contracts.