Improved vacation adjustment management

We announce improvements to manual time-off adjustments. 

In case your company assigns time-off adjustments from the time-off policy, from now on Factorial improves the process to be able to make these adjustments. 

What is the vacation adjustment within the absence policy? 

Previously, if we wanted to add adjustments to the current or future time-off policy, the flow was to go to Company > Absences > Select the corresponding absence policy > Employees and add the necessary adjustments for those employees who needed it. 

The time-off adjustment from the policy was set for the recurrent and future year, that is, for the rest of the following years, and corresponded to the days to add or subtract for your employees. 

Improve Vac 1

The adjustment that you add or subtract in that employee, will be recorded during the whole cycle of absences. Therefore, if the time-off policy has 23 working days, and you have added 6 days to an employee, that employee will have 29 days available during the following years, until you change it. 

What should I do if my employees have adjustments in their time-off policy? 

Don't worry! 

In case you have employees with time-off adjustments settings within a policy, Factorial will create a new policy by default with those settings added to the employee. 

If you see more policies created on your employees, don't be alarmed! It's because they had a manual vacation setting from their time-off4 policy. 

Let's take an example: 

In the case that Daniel Robinson has +6 vacation days within Dani Demo's time-off policy, a new policy will be created for Daniel Robinson called Dani Demo's time-off policy +1. The employee will continue to have the adjustment available and will be able to enjoy it in the event that he requests vacation from his time-off supervisor.