All About the Shift Management Tool

Assigning and managing shifts for your staff is challenging. Factorial makes it easy for you to distribute shifts using the Shift Management feature.

Steps to Install Shift Management 

  1.  Head to the Apps section
  2. Select Shift Management.
  3. Click on Install 

Install SM

Find The Different Ways to Add Shifts 

  • For a specific employee on a specific day 

    Adding shifts per day
  • For one specific employee all week

    employee per week

Shift per week

  • For all employees on a specific day

Shifts per all users per week
  • For all employees one specific week

    All employees

    All employees per week

Learn How to Add Shifts 

🔺 Adding Shifts is not the same as Publishing Shifts. Make sure to click on Publish Week Schedule - 📍 Located in the upper right corner - to publish these assigned shifts effectively. 

  • Once you have selected the employees, the +Add Shift button will be enabled
  • Click + Add Shifts -📍 Located in the upper right corner

+Add Shifts

  • Select a Default or Custom shift 
  • Finally, click on Assign

All shifts

How do I create Default Shifts?

  • Head to + Add Shifts 
  • Select Default Shifts 
  • Click on + Add new default shift 

add new default shifts

  • Introduce the: Shift name, start and end hour. 

    Assign new shift
  • Finally, click on Create & Assign 

How can I Delete Shifts? 

  • Select one or more shifts and go to the delete shifts button

Delete Shifts

How Can I Copy Shifts from Previous Weeks? 

💡 In case there are errors in the shifts, we will notify you through a red notice. 

  • Click on Copy Previous Week - 📍 Located in the upper right corner 

Copy previous shifts