How to Import Time-Off Allowances?

Follow these steps to import time off allowances.

Importing Time-Off Allowances in Factorial is simple:

  1. Access the Employees section
  2.  Cick on the option to add -📍 located in the upper right corner 
  3. select Import Time-Off allowances.

    Import Time Off Allowances
  4. Download our Time-Off  Allowance Template
  5. Find the file in the Downloads folder on your computer and open it
  6. Add the absences adjustments of your employees and fill in the information you need

    ⏺️ How can I add adjustments? 
    You just have to select the cell of the employee in question and make the adjustments in the Counter column.

    Ajustes de ausencias

  7. Once you have finished adding your employees' absences, upload the file back to Factorial with the same format (.XLSX)

    Note ✍🏼
    : The Name, Surname, and Email fields are required

    Import time off allowances. 2

  8. Finally select the employees you want to import and click the Import selected employees button.