I'm an employee, how do I ask for vacations, free days, or how do I report a medical discharge? 👩🏻‍⚕️

Processing and managing absences are very easy! If you want to go home for Christmas, need some time off or have requested a medical discharged, you can inform your company easily:

1. Log in to your Factorial account.
2. Go to Time off.
3. At the top right you'll find the "+" button. 
4. When clicking you'll be able to choose from the time-off types your company set. 

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If you just want to notify of the days you want to take for a Holiday you can choose the first option, Holidays. Select the first and last day and click the Add days off button. You can ask for as many time off as available days you have. It will depend on your contract, days taken, and your company's policy. This request needs to be approved by an admin or time off supervisor. Don't worry, Factorial will send a notification to them so they can accept your request as soon as possible. 

If on the contrary, you want to ask for some sick days you can choose Sick, it won't need approval and you can attach your medical document to it so your company can process your medical discharge. Get well soon! 🤒

Finally, you will see that in the header you have a board of total days, days available, and days used. 

  • Total days: These are the days per policy that you have assigned, the possible accumulated days that you have from the previous year, and some manual adjustments in case they have been added to your days off. 
  • Available days: These are the days you have left to use. It will be the subtraction of Total days - Used days. 
  • Used days: These are the days you have requested during the course of the year and which have been approved. During the time in which your applications have not been approved, those days requested will remain in available days.

Do not wait any longer and take the opportunity to try Factorial by requesting a day off to your time-off supervisor. 🙌🏻