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How to use the QR code clocking in Factorial? 💻

Along with the geolocation, it arrives at a new update in the clocking system in Factorial, the clocking with QR code. This new feature will allow you to show a QR code on a device (iPad, laptop, Smartphone...) at the entrance of your offices so that your employees can scan their QR code through the Factorial app (available once they slide the clock-in button). 

How do I activate the link for my device in the entry?

So easy! To activate the QR system for your company account, you will have to follow the following steps 

  1. You will need to log in to your Factorial account. 
  2. You must go to the section Apps > Time Tracking > Settings > Time Tracking Policy.

    Captura de pantalla 2020-05-18 a las 12.11.15 
  3. Simply slide the button "Entrance app". 
  4. Once you have slid it, in case you have not activated a domain in Company > Details > Basic Information, a pop-up will appear in which you will have to add the domain of your company's URL, as shown in the image below. 

    mceclip0 (11)
    It is mandatory to enter a domain name in the text box, otherwise, you will not be able to save and continue.

  5. Once you enable it, you will see that you have a URL available (copy the URL).

    Captura de pantalla 2020-05-18 a las 12.13.13

  6. Paste it into the browser of your iPad, laptop, or Smartphone, and you'll get a view like this in your office. 

    mceclip0 (12)

How do my employees clock-in using the QR code? 

On their arrival at the office, your employees will be able to access their smartphones, log into the Factorial App, and slide the clock-in button. Once they do so, having activated the QR code clock-in mode, this view will be shown to them on their Smartphone. 

  clocked_in     qr-mobile-1    clock_in1

They should simply scan their QR code with the device at the entrance, and that's it! Your check-in register will be reflected in Factorial. 👏🏼

Once the clock out is completed, you must follow the same process as for the clock in, accessing the Factorial app, sliding the button and registering the QR code with your office device. 

To keep in mind... ⚠️

  • Once you enable clock-in through the QR code in your company account, your employees will not be able to clock-in with the web clock-in button. 
  • Once the clocking in via QR code is enabled, you cannot activate geolocation. You can't activate both at the same time. 
  • The QR code will be updated every 30 seconds, to prevent users who need to clock in, from capturing the code and sending it to their colleagues. 
  • In the time registration, it will be specified that the clock-in has been done through the QR code.