How to invite employees to Factorial?

Only if you are the admin of a company account will you be able to invite an employee to join Factorial.

To invite an employee you just have to log in to and enter the employees' section at your left. Here you'll find the employees who have already been created, if you still haven't invited any employees you won't be able to invite them. If you want to learn how to create an employee take a look at the following article: How to create an employee in Factorial?   

To invite employees just go to Factorial > Employees > and click on the blue button below the table of created and invited employees. 

Invite E

A pop-up will appear to inform you what the employee will have to do once the information is received. Hit Send, and you're done! Those employees will receive the invitation.

Invite Em

In case you want to send the invitation only to certain employees, simply go to Employees > Select the employee in question and send the invitation.