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How to create your organizational chart in Factorial?

Easy peasy!

If you've ever done an organizational chart you know it can be rather troublesome, even more so keeping it updated each time an employee joins or leaves your company. With Factorial you can create your organization chart and we will keep it updated automatically. 

Steps to creating your organizational chart:

1. Log in to Factorial.

2. Fill in your employees' data. If you have any questions take a look at our tutorials:

3. If you've used an Excel sheet, you can specify to whom reports every employee. With that information, we'll be able to create your chart. If you haven't specified it, just go to Manager: inside each employee's profile. Employees> Choose an employee > Profile
 crea el organigrama de tu empresa

If everything is correct, finish configuring your account and the organizational chart will be available at Employees > Organization Chart.

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Any new incorporations or leaves will automatically modify your chart.

Our human resources software can help your company with lots more features. Take a look at them here: Factorial's features.