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How do I create an account in Factorial?

⏺️ As HR Manager

If you are the HR manager of your company you can create your account in Factorial. After creating your user account you can also create the profile of the company you want to manage and start inviting employees.

🔸 Create your account in Factorial

🔸 Choose the processes you want to improve
🔸 Fill in the information about the company you manage
🔸 Invite your employees

⏺️ As an employee

If you are an employee of a company and have received an invitation to Factorial, check your inbox (your company's or your personal mail) and you will see a Welcome email. Inside this email you will find a button to activate your Factorial account. Click on the button, choose the password you want to use and that's it! You have just joined Factorial and you are already part of the database of your new company.

1. Open the email you received from Factorial
2. Activate your Factorial account
3. Choose your password

If you are an employee and have not received an invitation to Factorial: First of all, check both your personal and your new business mail. The invitation may have been sent but has not yet arrived in your mail, it will be a matter of minutes before you receive it ✉. If you definitely haven't received the email to join Factorial, check the spam folder of your email. You can also contact your company's human resources manager and ask him to send you an invitation from his account so you can join Factorial. If your manager has any doubt about how to do it, he can visit: How to invite an employee to Factorial? We advise you not to create an employee account in Factorial on your own, you need an invitation from a human resources manager to join your company.

Check your spam folder or your other emails, most likely your invitation has arrived.
Contact your company's human resources manager