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How can I restrict the visibility to my employees? 👀​🚫

Factorial is a software that works as an employee portal, in which the employee himself has visibility of the company's global time-off calendar, shared company documents, a list of employees, the main dashboard that reminds you of birthdays, holidays or other notifications. 

Probably, as an admin, you do not want your employees to have access to this kind of information, anyway... No worries! We have the solution! 🙅 You can contact our customer service team at support@factorial.co so that our technical team can restrict the visibility of your employees' accounts. 

We show you the difference between total visibility and restricted visibility, in both cases from the eyes of a user with a basic role. 

By default visibility (basic user)

The employee will be able to see who is absent today or in the next few days on their dashboard, who has a birthday, or if a colleague is celebrating an anniversary at the company.

In My Company section, you will be able to see the list of employees, with restricted information of the employees on staff, the calendar with the total number of absences of the workmates, and shared company documents. 


Restricted visibility (basic users) 

In the case of activating the restricted visibility, the employee's account will perceive changes. They will have a main view of the dashboard, but no upcoming absences of their teammates, no notifications of birthdays or anniversaries.

In addition, in My Company section, you will not have visibility of the employee section in the company, so you will not be able to see information about the rest of the staff. Neither will you be able to see the absence calendar of the rest of the employees, only your own, by accessing from Time-off.


Furthermore, users with a Manager role will have a display of people under their charge, therefore, in their left toolbar will appear a section of Employees and a section of Calendar, as they will have control over their team. 

Finally, the administrators will have a complete visualization of the account, as if the restricted visibility had not been activated.