How can I create different leave types in Factorial?

Factorial allows you to request three kinds of time-off types by default; holidays, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave, but you as an administrator, have the permission to create more types of leave for your employees to request through their accounts. 

How can I create a new leave type? 

Easy, easy, easy. 

Simply go to Company > Absences > Types of absence.

Leave Type 1

You will see the default absence types created on the right, and a blue button indicating "new absence type". 

If you click on the blue button, you will see a drop-down list with different questions according to the configuration of the absence type you want to create. 

Let's put the case you want to create the Teleworking absence

  1. Click the blue-button to create a new type of absence 

  2. Fill in the 5 questions to configure the absence

  3. Put it away and you're done!

Leave Type 2

 Now, this type of leave will be available to other employees and they will be able to request it from their absence supervisor.