How can I create Absence Types?

Factorial allows you to request three kinds of Absence Types by default; holidays, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave, but you as an administrator,  will have the permission to create more Absence Types . Find below the Steps to Create Absence Types  👇

Create new Absence Types 

  1. Go to Company 
  2. Select Time Off 
  3. Scroll until you find Absence Types

Leave Type 1

You will have at your disposal 👇

◻ Absence types created by default
◻ New Types of Absences

Leave Type 2

Edit your Types of Absences 

🏡 - Start creating a Telework Absence Type -

  1. Add New Absence Type
  2. Fill in the fields
    📝 Tele-Work 🏡
    📝 Choose the color 🔵 🟡🟣
    📝 Does it accrue holiday? No ❌
    📝 Needs approval? Yes ✔️
    📝 Allows attached documents? No ❌
    📝 Is the absence type name visible for employees? Yes ✔️
    📝 Is the absence type a working day? That is, was the employee working during the absence? Yes ✔️

  3. Create Absence Type